Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Last weekend in the garden, the back porch & the kitchen..

I took a few photos of the girls in the garden last weekend. They're gradually exploring different parts of the garden. Here's Lucky among the agapanthus leaves in the front garden bed.

She also enjoys climbing just a little way up this tree. I love the way her coat looks a different colour in different light.

The back porch is another favourite spot in the sunshine.

Phoebe always looks elegant against the grey slate of the front steps,

but when it's time for a snooze, the kitchen stool is one of her favourite spots. She can open one eye & see what's going on.


  1. Lovely to keep up with how the girls are getting on.

    They have lovely shiny coats!

  2. I'm with Jo! They look so happy and contented.

  3. Sweet. They look so contented. How are your roses, Lyn?

  4. Thank you, all compliments graciously accepted! They're both loving the warmer weather & they enjoy stalking insects in the garden. Sherry, my roses are looking lovely although Lucky has taken a fancy to nibbling at the petals when I bring some inside. No idea why.

  5. Beautiful cats. Lucky has lovely eyes.

  6. Thank you VR. Lucky's eyes are even greener in reality, they never look as good in photographs.