Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Poetry - John Clare

I've decided to start the New Year with some Romantic poetry. I have a copy of the Penguin Book of Romantic Verse edited by David Wright & published in 1968 so I'll be choosing my Sunday poetry from here for the next little while.

I became interested in John Clare last year when I chose one of his poems for this spot so here's another one. I tend towards the melancholy in my choices of poetry so I thought I should make a resolution to find something a little more cheerful & I think this lovely poem, Meet Me In The Green Glen, is perfect.

Love, meet me in the green glen,
    Beside the tall elm-tree,
Where the sweetbriar smells so sweet agen;
    There come with me.
        Meet me in the green glen.

Meet me at the sunset
    Down in the green glen,
Where we've often met
    By hawthorn-tree and foxes' den,
        Meet me in the green glen.

Meet me in the green glen,
    By sweetbriar bushes there;
Meet me by your own sen,
    Where the wild thyme blossoms fair.
        Meet me in the green glen.

Meet me by the sweetbriar,
    By the mole-hill swelling there;
When the west glows like a fire
    God's crimson bed is there.
        Meet me in the green glen.

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