Monday, August 8, 2011

A Visit to the Farmers Market

I visited the local farmers market in Lilydale yesterday morning. It's held on the first Sunday of the month & this was my first visit. It won't be my last as I found everything I wanted & a few little extras as well. Saturday was grey & rainy &, even though I'd planned to visit the market, I did think as I went to sleep to the sound of rain on the roof, that I wouldn't go if it was still raining in the morning. There's always next month. Well, it was a gorgeously crisp, sunny late winter morning so off I went. The morning was the best of the day as it was cloudy & damp by lunchtime. Just as well I brought some sunshine back with me. I couldn't resist those golden daffodils at 3 bunches for $5. Spring is just around the corner, after all.

There are some things I always buy at markets. Free range eggs & honey.

Fruit & veg. Lovely tomatoes & mandarins. Pumpkin & zucchini for the chicken curry I made yesterday. Far too many carrots & potatoes (but they were so cheap!). Carrot & potato soup, anyone? I also see a carrot cake appearing for morning tea at work in the very near future.

Then, there were the treats. I don't eat lots of jam but I always seem to buy it at markets. I love fig jam so I bought a jar of that. The other is plum. I have a lovely chocolate cake recipe that includes half a cup of jam so I'll use the plum for that.

Soap is something else I always buy at markets. I love lavender, it's one of my favourite scents & really strongly scented lavender soap is just heaven. Look at the swirls in the lavender & rosemary soap, just gorgeous. I wish you could smell the vanilla & honey in the vanilla, honey, chamomile & aloe vera soap. These soaps are all handmade & contain no chemicals or animal products. I usually use unscented Sorbolene or Pears soap but every now & then (usually just after I've been to a market), I crave a little luxury. If these live up to their scent, I'll be back for more at the next market. A very successful morning. I got everything I wanted & helped the local economy as well. Now I just have to find the perfect carrot & potato soup recipe...


  1. I'd forgotten that you're in the other hemisphere...of course we're just getting ready to put this hot sticky summer to bed (at least I hope so). Though carrot and potato soup sounds lovely for late summer/early fall, too!

  2. love me some farmer's market.. happy Sunday morn :)