Saturday, September 3, 2011

Even more settled

The girls are very much at home now. We're all more relaxed. I've stopped worrying that Phoebe will wander or climb so high she can't get down (she may still do these things but I've almost stopped worrying about it before it happens). I was home yesterday so I left the back door open so Lucky & Phoebe could come & go as they pleased. It was a lovely early Spring day & they both immediately lay down on the drain where Abby always rolled around & did exactly the same thing. I decided this was a good omen. It's either something that cats just enjoy doing or Abby's spirit was guiding them to her favourite spots.

Another favourite spot of Abby's was lying on the back porch in the sunshine. Here's Phoebe doing exactly that. I think she has quite a resemblance to Abby which I must admit was why I fell in love with her rather than the older cat I was supposed to be looking for. Please excuse the mess in the background. My friend P is halfway through painting the laundry.

And for comparison, here's a photo of Abby in the same place.

Far from daredevil Phoebe wandering far & wide, it was Lucky who went "missing" for half an hour this morning. Well, I couldn't find her anyway. Then, she came nonchalantly wandering in with cobwebs or dirt of some kind on her whiskers, so I have no idea where she'd been exploring.

We've also had one cat flap lesson with more to come. It was very successful, both cats went through the flap a couple of times while I let it down over their backs so they could feel it. On Monday when I go to work, I'll leave the cat flap unlocked & hopefully they'll get the idea.

Another advantage of the outdoor exercise is that it leaves Phoebe too tired to do any acrobatics in the evening. Last night she curled up on a chair at 8.30 & never moved. I didn't see her climb anything all day.


  1. Oh good, I'm so glad you are all settled.

    Definitely a resemblance there, I thought it was a pic of Abbey at first.

  2. I've just been outside to do a little weeding & water the roses (we've had a very dry August) & the girls came outside with me had another look round but then went back inside as they guessed that dinner would be next on the agenda. They were right!

  3. I am so glad you are keeping us up to date with the cats.

    They look very settled with their surroundings.

  4. Loving the cat news Lyn! We have decided to wait until our two old ladies depart this life before we bring in any new ones, and when we do I like the idea of by-passing the kitten stage too.

  5. Jo, they are much more relaxed now. They've decided this is home. Luckily it's been a lovely warm weekend so I could leave the back door open & just let them wander in & out which has been a good way to get them used to the outside world. Lynne, I really wanted two older cats (5+) because I know they're harder to find homes for & I didn't want kittens. But, the best laid plans... Lucky's story just made my heart melt & she's such a pretty cat & Phoebe looked like Abby so I forgot all my intentions.