Monday, September 19, 2011

The Girls in the Garden

It was a lovely early Spring weekend in Melbourne & one look at the garden told me that the time had come to sweep the drive & do a little weeding & cutting back. Lucky & Phoebe came out to help, supervise & explore.

Phoebe has almost stopped climbing inside the house now. She doesn't need to climb furniture & venetian blinds now she's discovered fences,


and even taller trees.

She also enjoys stalking through the undergrowth,

& relaxing on the front steps.

Lucky, on the other hand, was content to follow me around, eating grass & enjoying the fresh air.

These photos pretty much sum up their very different personalities. Lucky is much quieter, happy to follow me around & sit on my lap when I settle down with a book & cup of tea. She's much less nervous than she was when she first arrived & she & Phoebe get on quite well, especially now that they have the garden to roam in & can get out of each other's way when necessary. Phoebe is a daredevil. She's already given me several (more) grey hairs. She fell from the roof of the back porch last week. Luckily she grabbed on to the handrail of the back stairs & I was able to rescue her. It's a long way to the ground. She's also disappeared over the back fence a couple of times & I've been nervous about where she was. But, she's always come home &, if she did get lost, she's tagged & microchipped so I just try not to worry too much. After all, they're out all day when I'm at work & I have no idea what they're getting up to.

It's lovely to sit on the couch in the evenings with Lucky on my lap & Phoebe asleep beside me, exhausted by another day of climbing & exploring. The cats, that is, not me. Librarians don't do much climbing or exploring.


  1. Haven't they settled in well. Their coats are lovely and glossy, they are the picture of health.

  2. Yes, we're all feeling very happy & comfortable together. I'm very lucky (pun intended) to have been chosen by two such lovely cats.

  3. They look so settled. It is nice to have cats that have differing personalities but still come to you at the end of the day to cuddle up, sleep and keep warm.

    Funny we worry about cats when we can see what they are doing, but who knows what they may get up to when we are not there!

  4. I'm slowly calming down Jo. Phoebe didn't come in until after dark the other night (it was only 7pm but it was dark)& I left the back porch light on to help her find her way home. I'm not sure she needed it but it made me feel better. I'm not sure what I'll do in summer when it's not dark until after 9pm.

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Oh, I am besotted with them from the other side of the world...