Monday, October 24, 2011

Cats, roses, spring etc

We've had very changeable spring weather over the last week. It was almost summery midweek then a cool change with rain swept through. Saturday was cool with a thunderstorm in the afternoon. Phoebe slept through the whole thing, Lucky burrowed under her blanket until long after it was all over. Abby was frightened of thunder too, she used to hide under my bed. Yesterday morning we woke up to fog but that cleared & it was a warm, humid day with more storms late in the day. Very tropical. So, as we were out early enjoying the sunshine before it got too hot, I thought a few pictures of the girls & an update on the roses was in order. There's no reason for this picture of Phoebe in the (thankfully) empty laundry basket except that she looks gorgeous.

I can't believe that it was only a month ago that the big tree in the front garden looked like this. Here's Phoebe in almost the same spot. Even a week ago there were only a few leaves & a little blossom. It always seems that overnight it shakes out its green glory.

Lucky always finds a sunny spot to start the day. In the garden...

or on the back porch.

And here's a picture of the girls together, one of the few I have as they're still happier in their own space. Actually, I think Phoebe has just invaded Lucky's space here...

Now, enough of this cat worship. The roses are looking wonderful & here are a couple of pictures of Sophy's Rose, buds just about ready to blossom, still sparkling with raindrops from Saturday night's storm. I can't wait!


  1. Oh Lyn, I want a cat!

    I envy you welcoming Spring as we had our first frost of the season show up on the rooftops this morning.

  2. Does it take the girls long to put on their eyeliner in the mornings?

  3. So glad you are sharing photos of the kitties again! They look like sweeties and very pretty, too! My cats like burrowing under the covers, too. If I get up they think I've warmed the spot just for them! :)

  4. They are gorgeous & they're really enjoying the warmer weather. Rose, as long as there's food in their bowls, their morning routine is done!

  5. Do not worry about the cat worship - I love seeing pictures of them. They are lovely looking cats who you can see have their own little personalities shining through. How I miss my mums cats.

  6. Jo, there'll be plenty more cat pictures, I love taking photos of them, especially out in the garden. I think of Abby when I do this because she used to tolerate me crawling around through the grass trying to get a good angle.

  7. Lovely cats, Lyn, just darlings!! Thank you for keeping us up to date. Barbara