Sunday, October 30, 2011

Roses in bloom

The first roses from Abby's rose garden are sitting in a honey jar next to me on the desk so I thought I'd share a few photos. The photos are a little blurry & they don't really capture the gorgeous colours & unfortunately you can't smell the glorious scent but I have successfully grown roses & I'm thrilled. These are Sophy's Rose & Noble Antony. They're covered in raindrops because it's been a showery morning. I took a chance & went out for a walk about an hour ago  - it was just as well I took my umbrella. I wanted to get these few roses inside before the wind blew them away altogether. The first of many honey jars full of roses this summer, I hope.


  1. How lovely, such a nice way to remember Abbey.

  2. They're beautiful! Here's to many more blooms.

  3. Just as well I got out thereearly to pick those. It rained all afternoon! Looking a bit finer today though.