Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New arrivals - Part 2

I've been pretty good this year about not adding to the tbr shelves. Not nearly as disciplined as Simon from Stuck In A Book with his Project 24, but compared to last year, I've been the picture of restraint. But, the exchange rate is so good at the moment that I've had a splurge at the Book Depository, 11 books for only $150. Really10 books & a diary for next year. I've bought some lovely diaries for work in the last few years. I have a British Library Jane Austen one this year & last year I had a beautiful Hebrides diary by Mairi Hedderwick with lots of her paintings of the islands in it. I was tempted by that one again for next year but I've bought the National Gallery of Ireland's diary. It's always a bit of a gamble buying a diary online when you can't see it but the description said it had 52 paintings from the Gallery's collection so how bad can it be? Then, when the year is over, I tear out my favourite pictures for my postcard wall near my desk. I’m also a big fan of Lesley Anne Ivory’s Ivory Cats & I already have her 2011 calendar & pocket diary.

I received some preorders, including two Hesperus Press books that I’d given up on entirely. The release dates changed so often I assumed they would never be published at all. However, I was surprised & delighted to get an email telling me they were available & ready for dispatch & they arrived.

Lazy Thoughts of a Lazy Girl – Jenny Wren. This was written in response to Jerome K Jerome’s Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow by an author using the pseudonym Jenny Wren. Short, humourous satires on everyday life.

The Highland Widow - Sir Walter Scott. I loved the Bride of Lammermoor & I want to read some more Scott. This story was originally published as part of the Chronicles of the Canongate.

Nella Last in the 1950s. The third volume of Nella’s diaries. I have been waiting for this to be published for months. Definitely heading for the top of the tbr pile. I read Nella Last’s Peace earlier this year.

Helen, Belinda & The Absentee - Maria Edgeworth. I’d read reviews of Helen by Vintage Reads & Belinda by Desperate Reader & wanted to read one of Jane Austen’s contemporaries. I was also tempted by the lovely new edition of Helen published by Sort Of Books.

Lady Margaret's Mirror & The Antiquary - Sir Walter Scott. Lady Margaret’s Mirror is connected to the original story that Scott heard from his mother’s family & based The Bride of Lammermoor on.

Hide & Seek, My Lady's Money & the OUP Authors in Context volume on Wilkie Collins. I just needed to read more Wilkie after loving Man & Wife & some of his short stories & novellas this year.

The Convenient Marriage – Georgette Heyer
Aunts aren't Gentlemen – P G Wodehouse. These were both recent recommendations in my online reading group from two of my new favourite authors.

2011 National Gallery of Ireland Diary. I tried to take some photos of the pictures in the diary but the paper's too shiny. There are gorgeous paintings by Vermeer, Zoffany & also lots of Irish artists I havem't heard of. Considering I bought it sight unseen, I'm very happy.

Well, this little lot will kepp me happy for some time. I don't anticipate another splurge for a while - unless, that is, the surging Australian dollar tempts me back to The Book Depository. I'm saving these books up for a rainy day, after all. The sort of rainy day when the exchange rate is terrible.


  1. What a wonderful haul. I especially envy the diary - must investigate getting one for the office! I keep my Lesley Anne Ivory diary and calendar that I buy every year, at home because while family and friends know that I am a mad cat lady, it's probably better that the clients don't find out!
    Have never read any Sir Walter Scott despite being dragged around his Scottish home when I was a teenager, but he was one of my Dad's favourites and I am sure I have a couple of his books somewhere in the house. Time for a rummage among the boxes in the attic I think as I have seen a number of mentions of him in recent weeks and I feel an obsession coming on!

  2. Wonderful! I'd take all of these home with me happily! I have been intrigued by Maria Edgworth of late so I will stay tuned for your thoughts. I love the sound of Lazy Thoughts of a Lazy Girl..sounds like something I could have written!

  3. Excellent haul! Looking forward to reading your thoughts on Edgeworth's The Absentee. Not read that.

  4. Liz, everyone at work already knows I'm a mad cat lady. I have a photo of Abby on the filing cabinet in a I Love My Cat photo frame. She's also on my desktop. Booksnob, I liked the idea of the lazy girl too. I haven't read Jerome K Jerome's Idle Thoughts so I must get hold of that as well. Vintage, I think I read something of Edgeworth's many years ago but can't remember what it was. I'm looking forward to all these.

  5. So many gems, Lyn, but I'll restrict myself to mentioning one - I wanted to read Jenny Wren's book as soon as I read JKJ's back in 2007, but heard no more about it - pleased that it's out now, and I can seek it out!