Sunday, January 17, 2010

Abby's Sunday morning

Abby relaxing in the front garden this time, between a camellia & a hebe. You can see by the droplets of lovely rain on the camellia that we had showers last night after a cool change. You may also be able to see a little burning on the camellia's leaves thanks to the very hot day we had on Monday. It's a cliche that Melbourne gives you four seasons in one day but we've certainly had our share of seasons this week. 43 degrees on Monday followed by the hottest night for a century & a prediction of snow on the Alps tomorrow. Today is a lovely 20 degrees & Abby enjoyed a stroll in the garden followed by a snooze on the front door mat in the sun.


  1. I hope the weather is nice for the Open!

  2. Oh what lovely green plants! If I could see a few of them here now I would be rolling around the pavement, too!

  3. She does look like she's enjoying herself!