Friday, March 5, 2010

Herbs in autumn

Autumn always makes me want to get out into my garden & plant something. With the help of a friend, I’ve finally constructed the ultimate barrier (fingers crossed) to my neighbour’s dog digging under the fence & coming into my yard. Bonnie is very determined & she had managed to get under the chicken wire, wood & other barriers we tried. This time, P sank a couple of concrete blocks & drove some metal sticks in as well. So far, so good. So, I decided it was safe to plant some herbs. I use herbs nearly every day for cooking & I’ve wanted to grow some of the ones I use frequently. I don’t know about you but I never use a whole bunch of parsley. I’ve planted parsley, basil, thyme & rosemary. Geraniums are another favourite plant. I’ve never managed to kill a geranium so I’m very fond of them. I’ve planted a nutmeg scented one in the garden & I have a coconut geranium in a pot nearby. I also bought citrus & rose scented geraniums for the front garden. I need to do some tidying up out there over the weekend & I’ll decide where to plant them after that. There’s a real feel of autumn at the moment. Rain & mild temperatures are predicted for the weekend. Today’s my day off & Monday is Labour Day so I have a lovely four day break. I plan to do more gardening, some baking on Monday & lots of reading.


  1. Lovely post Lyn - I feel as though I can smell these!

  2. How lovely! As Spring is almost here (we hope!), I've planted some lavender, dahlia, brussel sprouts, coleus and allysum seeds in a propogator and this weekend will be planting more veg and a few flowers too.

    I love lemon thyme and rosemary (only fresh!) and of course the smell of lavender. I also fell in love with geraniums last year but had no idea that you can get different fragranced ones! I shall have to investigate...

    Thanks for a great post and enjoy your long weekend :-)

  3. RR, it's the leaves that have the fragrance so if you plant them at the edge of the garden, you release the scent as you brush by them. I love them & not just because they're very hardy! My nursery had lots more, I had to be realistic as to how many I could plant. I have lavender & daphne in the same bed. Daphne is another of my favourite fragrances.

    Hannah, thank you. I'm not much of a gardener but I do enjoy herbs & scented plants & in autumn & spring, I rediscover my inner gardener.

  4. Don't you think that the second picture (parsley) looks like an old map of Britain, Lyn? Barbara

  5. Barbara, you're right! I was so busy trying to get as much parsley as possible into the picture that I didn't see it.