Sunday, March 21, 2010

Abby's Sunday morning & more geraniums

My friend P is installing a second water tank for me next week so I had to tidy up the garden bed under my bedroom window to give him access. As I posted here, I've never killed a geranium yet, so, as I was pulling out spider plants & trimming back the camellia & the hebe, I was planning where to put some more geraniums. I still had two in pots from my last trip to the nursery, one lemon & one rose scented, so I planted those. But, I needed more so back to the nursery. I bought some ordinary white & pink ones this time, & some chives to add to the herb garden. One of Abby's favourite spots in this milder weather is under the bushes where she can enjoy a mixture of sunshine & shade. I took the other photo this morning as well. I think she looks very regal. Speaking of which, I bought her a new collar yesterday & it's a very regal purple with a "diamond" circle on the front. I haven't had a chance to put it on her yet but I'll try to get a photo once I do.

1 comment:

  1. Just gorgeous! Abby is very stately and regal here. I look forward to seeing her new collar, but she does not need any accessories to showcase her feline pulchritude!