Sunday, September 26, 2010

Abby's Sunday afternoon

I have to share these photos of Abby. On warm afternoons, she likes to sleep under the back stairs where she can catch any passing cool breezes. It’s a concrete floor & I bought her a bed to lie on after I cleared out all the junk (like the old Venetian blinds) that she liked to sleep on. This morning it was such a lovely day that I took the striped cover off to wash & left the foam insert on the back porch to air in the sunshine.

Even without the comfy cover & the attached lambs wool pillow, this is still the comfiest bed in the house (when my lap isn’t available).


  1. It's a cats life!

    Always the best seat in the house.

    Reminds me of my own, growing up.

  2. Hooray! It's nice to see Abby again.