Sunday, September 26, 2010

Early Spring

It's a gorgeous early spring day in Melbourne today. I'm not a football fan so the horror of a draw in yesterday's Grand Final between Collingwood & St Kilda has had no effect on me at all. Except that I'm not looking forward to another week of hype leading up to next Saturday's replay! I was out early this morning hanging out washing & watching Abby stalk the magpie that's taken up residence in the garden. I've been wondering if the bird is an omen for the football as Collingwood are known as the Magpies but I can't work out what sort of omen it is. Certainly not an omen for a draw anyway. I took a few photos while I was out in the garden, mostly of plants I planted in autumn &, thanks to our lovely wet winter, they're all doing well. The white daphne above, I wish you could smell the glorious fragrance.
The hebe along the side fence.
The daisies.
All the lavenders I planted back in March/April have thrived. I suppose they're pretty hard to kill but I'm still surprised when they survive.
And here's Abby in one of her favourite spots when the sun is gentle rather than scorching. Just outside the back door, peeking over the doorstep.

I've done some baking too. A date & walnut loaf & some choc chip muffins to take in to work tomorrow. The muffins are a great recipe that I can mix up & put in the muffin trays today, keep in the fridge overnight & bake at work tomorrow in time for morning tea. Chocolate is always appreciated on a Monday morning & if people are feeling the need for something less decadent, they can have a slice of the date & walnut loaf.

Have a lovely Sunday, whatever you're doing.

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  1. I had to do a doublr take, with early Spring! Then I remembered where you are, early autumn is here with a vengeance!

    I love the flowers and lavender is a favourite of mine.