Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rearranging the deckchairs...

I've taken the week off work to have a bit of a break & catch up on some of those jobs that just don't fit into a weekend. I've been running out of room on the tbr shelves for a while now so a little rearranging was in order. I have four walls of bookshelves in two rooms so I'm slightly ashamed to say I'm running out of room - but it's true! The top shelves are slightly smaller than the others so I'd left them empty because I shelve my books alphabetically & I don't like having to put larger books spine up if they won't fit vertically.

I had shelved my Persephones together on the middle shelves of one wall but I realised they would fit on the top shelves so I now have them running along the top of the shelves in one room. There's room for more & hopefully Nicola won't stop at 100 or 120 as I read in a few interviews recently. Of course, if she doesn't stop, I'll have to rethink the arrangement... but that's a few years away.

This gave me four extra shelves to play with so I moved everything up & I now have nearly a whole wall of tbr shelves. I also moved lots of CDs & DVDs into storage boxes that fit under the bed which made even more room & you can see the result. I like to have my tbr books in categories. I can't help it, I'm a librarian. So you can see the Viragos & the literary criticism above next to literary biography & letters.

Then, I've grouped together my bargain Wodehouses, Hesperus, Greyladies & you can see a few of the Penguins & OUP classics.

I've also made more room for the Folio Society books after I was tempted to rejoin by the spectacular offer of the E F Benson boxset of Mapp & Lucia for just $9.95! This set is usually worth nearly $300. I did have to buy four more books but my online bookgroup has several Benson fans, including Elaine from Random Jottings & Simon from Stuck-in-a-Book, so I couldn't resist. You can see the boxset in Simon's post but I think my set are in different colours so may be a later edition. I'll post a photo when they arrive. The books are illustrated by Natacha Ledwidge who has also illustrated the Dorothy L Sayers boxset that the Folio Society tempted me with a few years ago.

But, Nature abhors a vacuum as they say, so how long do you think it will be before I order a little something from the Book Depository to fill up some of that empty space? Especially as I have a 10% off voucher & the exchange rate is still excellent? Don't bother to answer that!


  1. I love rearranging my bookshelves and almost equally adore reading about the rearrangements of others! The top shelves filled with Persephones are, unsurprisingly, my favourite. Lovely.

  2. Persephones STOPPING AT 100? Or 120? Noooooo!!! I hadn't heard about this. Please explain!

  3. Karen, I've googled but I can't find a link to the article where I read this. I think it was around the time of the 10th anniversary last year. Nicola said that she had always seen Persephone as a finite thing & she thought about stopping at 100 or 120 books. Of course, I hope she doesn't as long as she can still find books she wants to reprint - even if it does upset my bookshelf arrangement! There are still more Whipples to reprint so I do hope she continues those. Greenbanks is coming out next year.

  4. You just won a prize from our NYRB Reading Week! Please check out my blog and mail me your address.

  5. Hmmm, hopefully she'll change her mind. I'll just keep emailing and suggesting books. And blogging about them. Finished my 12th Persephone today (13th if I can count Miss Buncle Married which comes out next spring).

  6. Ooooohhhh, this has to be one of my favourite occupations Lyn,book shuffling and I love the Persephones at the top there. Currently I have mine mixed in around the genres in my book room, which would incidentally give you a fit if you saw my filing system:-) Nicola has said for many years that Persephone would be an episode in publishing with a beginning and an end and I too had heard that she would stop. I'm in London for the Persephone Lecture this week to be given by David Kynaston and I'm staying with Nicola for a couple of days, I'll ask:-)
    Have you read Beth Gutcheon's Still Missing? I think it's brilliant and I'm also very thrilled with the Irene Nemirovsky short stories.