Saturday, December 4, 2010

Dove family update

I posted here about the doves who have been nesting in my back porch every spring for the last few years. I had never seen any chicks in the past but this year, there are two chicks in the nest. I'm very excited because I had felt so sorry for the doves building the nest, returning each year but never hatching any young ones. It's been difficult to get a decent photo as the nest is in a really awkward spot.

This is the best photo I could get of mother dove with the chicks. I spied one of the chicks running along the porch with a parent at the other end either encouraging it or trying to get it back into the nest. They both look very healthy & it shouldn't be long before they all take off. Abby is fascinated by the nest & its occupants but she can only watch, she can't get anywhere near them.


  1. Oh I want doves on my porch:-) How lovely Lyn, and I know how much pleasure we get from watching out annual brood of swallows, the nest of course now empty though the wrens are squatting there for winter shelter (we sometimes count twelve flying out!) so it's lovely to see yours.

  2. I was lucky to get those photos as they seem to have gone. They may still bearound in nearby trees but the nest is empty so they have flown off to live long happy lives, I hope.