Sunday, January 30, 2011

Abby's Sunday morning

Hot today & hot tomorrow. Summer has arrived with a vengeance. It's predicted that Melbourne will get to 40 degrees today & tomorrow so Abby & I are prepared for a quiet Sunday staying as cool as possible. We were up early, watering the garden before breakfast, Abby keeping an eye on any birds that stopped for a rest & a drink.

We've been lucky this year as the weather has been pretty benign. A few hot days & a patch of humidity but also a fair bit of rain (too much for the flooded areas of northern Victoria, unfortunately) so the garden hasn't suffered much at all.

The catmint I planted especially for Abby is thriving. Of course, she hasn't even given it a sniff, she's completely uninterested. Maybe when it's big enough for her to sleep under...

We'll be spending the afternoon in the cool living room with books & iced tea at hand. I hope your Sunday is calm, peaceful & full of good reading.


  1. I hope your Sunday does not get too hot. Enjoy sunning while you can.

  2. Hello Lyn, 36C at present at Lake Eildon. I've had a pleasant afternoon inside watching a movie, sewing and reading my favourite blogs. I don't feel at all guilty, as the hard work, mowing, was done yesterday! Enjoy the rest of your day with Abby!

  3. It's probably about the same here at the foot of the Dandenongs, Alaine! At least we haven't had the fierce north winds, that's when we stop thinking about the floods & start worrying about fire. Contrary Abby won't stay inside & is sleeping in the shade in the front garden. I think she's mad but what can I do? Esme, thanks for commenting. We're doing our best but I really don't enjoy summer. Autumn can't come soon enough for me.

  4. Abby looks quite content and your garden looks lovely. It's quite hot here today as well in Johannesburg although we have had some flooding too (nowhere near as bad as in your part of the world, though). The heat can get a bit much, can't it?