Saturday, June 25, 2011

Abby's rose garden - the beginning

Here are the first pictures of Abby's rose garden which I wrote about here. My friend P & I finished planting the roses yesterday. P did most of the hard work of digging up the old plants, I did lots of pointing & deciding which colours would look right where. Perfect division of labour, I thought!

There's not much to see at the moment except lots of twiggy plants but I'll keep you all updated on the garden's progress. The details of the roses I chose are in my previous post on the garden at the link above. I left the spring bulbs in place & I think they'll look lovely in a couple of months. They're white & cream jonquils & daffodils so they'll contrast beautifully with the green foliage & then, in summer, the red & pink roses will bloom.

My friend J at work bought me a lovely gift when Abby died. It's a Best Friend rose, sold by the RSPCA especially for people who have lost a pet so I've planted it in a very special place in the front corner of the garden.
I picked up Abby's ashes from the vet yesterday as well & I'll be scattering them among her roses in the spring when the plants are looking a little more like roses & a little less like twigs.


  1. It's going to look beautiful. And what a lovely present from your friend. It's good when people understand, isn't it? So many just don't.

  2. Yes, I've been so moved by all the kind words & gifts since Abby died. The rose was a perfect gift.

  3. It looks lovely and I am sure Abby would have loved to lie in it. Cannot wait to see it bloom.

  4. I'll keep everyone up to date on the garden's progress, Jo. I'm even looking forward to summer for the first time in my life! I want to smell those roses!