Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rose garden update

The roses in Abby's rose garden are coming along beautifully so I thought it was time for an update. The weather has been perfect lately. We've had a mixture of warm & cold days & last week we had over 60mm of rain which was just what the garden needed after a dry August.

This is the special Best Friend rose that a good friend gave me after Abby died. It's looking gorgeous & I can't wait to see the first rose bloom.

The football Grand Final was played last weekend so it's the traditional time to feed roses. It was too cold & wet to think about it then so that's a job for next weekend.

Here is the first bud, on one of the Noble Antony roses. Very exciting! If you'd like a reminder of the roses I chose, all the links are here & the beginning of the garden, just three months ago, is here.


  1. Seeing that little bud must be a rewarding feeling, well done!

  2. Hopefully it's the first of many, Darlene!